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Wednesday, January 16, 2008


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No friends?  Can’t get a date?  Even little dogs growl at you?

Cheer up -  it could be worse.  You could be the RIAA.

Revenue neutral flat tax proposal

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Greg Mankiw thought enough of this flat tax analysis to give it some link love.    Money quote:

For 2005, I come up with a tax rate of 31.85% and a deduction of $35,725.

32%, eh?  Somehow I doubt Steve Forbes would be pleased.

Do you provide enough information for your buyers?

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Here’s a lesson in what not to do from

When looking for shoes to buy her daughter, [she] measured the toddler’s foot and then looked for the site’s size chart. None existed. She wrote to the retailer asking them for a size chart, but was directed to go to a nearby store. “Not only did they not address my question, they directed me to the channel I tried to avoid shopping in the first place,” she said.

Simply amazing. “Just go to one of our competitors – they’ll be happy to help you!”

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