Discover a Fresh Perspective on Cannabis with New Standard

New Standard is a trailblazer in the cannabis industry, setting the highest standards in cannabis culture and consumption. We offer a distinct, customer-centric experience in our state-of-the-art Cannabis Provisioning Centers. Our team prides itself on delivering personalized and hassle-free services, earning us recognition in the industry for superior customer support.

More than just a store, New Standard is a community. Our expert team is passionate about educating and guiding consumers on the safe and responsible use of cannabis. We ensure our customers have access to a range of high-quality products that suit their individual needs.

New Standard embodies an ethos of responsibility, transparency, and insight. By fostering these values, we bring our customers an unmatched level of trust in their cannabis experience. It is how we redefine the standards of retail cannabis and ensure everyone feels welcome in our space – a key part of our mission to inspire change and promote advocacy in the cannabis industry.