The Green Gold Rush: A Tale of Grass Roots Rx in Gal-Laughs, NM

If “laughter is the best medicine,” then Grass Roots Rx in Gallup, NM, is your friendly neighborhood doctor. Dr. Grass Roots, not an actual MD, but we promise he’s got the credentials to serve jollity in measured doses.

Like a psychedelic Santa Claus, this little slice of “green” heaven has a gift for everyone; from the cannabis connoisseur to the curious greenhorn. But instead of a sleigh, picture Santa driving an ice-cream truck full of treasure, aka the best weed in Gallup, New Mexico.

Safety is our top priority in this imaginative land. We lovingly cultivate eight hearty strains of Adam and Eve’s favorite herb, ensuring a chemical-free, organic, farm-to-couch experience.

And in the spirit of the era, we keep it 21st-century cool with our cannabis delivery – because who wouldn’t want their “green-gold” cannabis gift box delivered straight to their door?

Granted, we don’t have elves but we do have our competent and friendly team. We aim to provide a sweet, fun experience. Call it the “Grass Roots Touch”…or a pinch of our playful pixie dust!