The Green Revolution in Grand Haven!

In the picturesque city of Grand Haven, a revolution is quietly simmering. No, we’re not talking about a rebellion of beach bunnies from the Michigan Shoreline, but a Green Revolution of a different kind! The town has grown a lot more “dank” lately (cue the laughter) thanks to the opening of a high-standard cannabis dispensary.

We’re here to break the stigma, to shatter the shackles, and to let everyone know loud and clear – it’s time for the green means go! Fulfill all your culinary fantasies at our local hub, where “baked” takes on a whole new meaning. And don’t worry about Doctor’s notes, we cater to both medical and recreational customers.

Your only job? Come in, find your perfect strain, and (legally) enjoy your ‘high’ time! So, pack your beach towel, sunglasses, and of course, your open mind. Welcome to the greener side of Grand Haven, where every visit to our dispensary feels a bit like finding the pot of gold at the end of a double rainbow. This time though, the pot contains our finest quality cannabis!